Preview 0.1 Released!

After weeks of chipping away at it I am happy to announce preview release 0.1! This version changes the following:

  • "Range" has been renamed to "Track" since that's a nicer verb :P.
  • Initial guild chapter featuring the first guild: Champions.
  • Added a Table of Contents
  • Some typo and language fixes.
  • And last but certainly not least, absolutely amazing cover art by Mika!!! Given my really crude initial sketch this art has far exceeded anything I could have expected.

Next on the docket is brushing up the characters section to such a condition that the game can actually be playtested by those that might be feeling adventurous. This will include character sheets both printable and in some way digitally usable. Going to try my hand at roll20 sheets but we'll see how that goes given my awful CSS abilities :P.


Guild's Adventure Preview 0.1.pdf 3 MB
Aug 28, 2020

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