Wake up babe, Guild's Adventure 0.3 just dropped

Initial playtesting with Guild's Adventure in my own groups has been going slow and steady, and tonight I am happy to present release 0.3!! I think the game is at a point now where I can happily say that yes, if you want to round up your own group and play this game on your own, you can!

Well, with one caveat: I don't have Real character sheets done. Some time this weekend (probably, hopefully) I'll post the spreadsheets I've been using in my own group for you to copy once I've updated them a bit. They're a bit rudimentary, but they get the job done. My next goal will be to figure out how to make the durned things in roll20.

Anyway! New to this version:

  • Fixed and adjusted a bunch of stuff
  • Added downtime! In Guild's Adventure, there are two flavors of downtime. One is good to go and tested a little, and the other needs a little more fleshing out but is sort-of playable. If you want. If you believe in yourself.
  • Rules for now advancing characters are in.
  • Conviction reworked into "Spark." It's quite a bit simpler to manage but I think nails the vibe I wanted pretty well back when it was originally called Unity.

A more detailed change list can be found at the back of the book.

On another note, since I feel like this is The Version that can start being used by the masses, I'll be opening up the game's Discord once I do some housekeeping. I would like to make clear that I do not intend for discord to be a primary repository for information, it will just be there if you want to find a group and ask questions in real time.

UPDATE: I pushed up a PDF with some formatting issues and incomplete table of contents. The newly uploaded 0.3a Addresses those. No changes to text were made.


Guild's Adventure 0.3a.pdf 650 kB
May 11, 2023

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