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Start and grow a guild with your adventurer friends! Guild's Adventure is a tabletop RPG based on Blades in the Dark focused on being a group of adventurers in a magical fantasy world.

Currently, writing for the game is just getting started. But when it is complete you'll be able to: Live life in a cozy fantasy city. Use the power of friendship to overcome challenges. Get involved in inter-guild politics. Delve a vast underground magical complex. Do quests for citizens in heartwarming adventures. Manage a growing home for adventurers and eventually have dozens (or more!) members.

At the moment, the "game" as released is very bare-bones and is more of a preview. Knowledge of how a Forged in the Dark game (such as Blades in the Dark) will help you understand some of the mechanical details, though it's still a fine read without for tone and vague mechanical details. As game development progresses, prior FitD knowledge will not be needed as all rules will be laid out in the book.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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Average sessionA few hours


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