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Guild's Adventure

A comfy adventurer's guild fantasy TTRPG · By hoppet


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Wake up babe, Guild's Adventure 0.3 just dropped
Initial playtesting with Guild's Adventure in my own groups has been going slow and steady, and tonight I am happy to present release 0.3!! I think the game is...
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Guild's Adventure 0.2 is here
Wow. It has certainly been a long time. Over the past two and a half years I have been making this dream of a book into something actually playable, and we are...
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Almost ready for internal playtesting
Well, it's been a long time, and it took a lot of writing and rewriting some particularly stubborn sections and mechanics, but everything is finally starting to...
Coming back from unplanned hiatus! (CW head injury mention)
So I had to take a break from making this game as I got a somewhat nasty concussion and have needed to limit my screen time for the past few months. Even if I h...
Preview 0.1 Released!
After weeks of chipping away at it I am happy to announce preview release 0.1! This version changes the following: "Range" has been renamed to "Track" since tha...
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Development Log 2
Hey all, it's been a while since the last update and I just wanted to mention this project is still very much alive. I've been chipping away at the guilds secti...
Development Log 1
Wow! Despite barely sharing Guild's Adventure anywhere I'm really impressed by the amount of people who showed interest in this game. Thank you all for your res...
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So there are a couple few details missing from 0.2 that I meant to get in there, but wow writing a book is complex. I'll...
started by hoppet Jan 23, 2023
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Hi! This game seems pretty neat, and I just had some thoughts reading it: -Am I correct in assuming that a "rotating cas...
started by Karrius Jul 02, 2020
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Just wanted to give my heartfelt thanks to anyone who has shown interest in this game! ...Also, it felt a little lonely...
started by hoppet Jun 30, 2020
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